Program Overview


My Philosophy





Looking back now on the academic paths and professional growth I've experienced through the MSET program, I feel .... Confused. I say that only because I have had a lot of interesting struggles and success while being a part of the MSET program.  I have gained a great deal of information during my time in the program and have gained several marketable skills. However, I still feel a bit disjointed on my role as an educator versus a role in academic affairs and academic support.

When I first started the MSET program, I was excited to be learning practical information about distance education. It seemed as if the school work and the readings were directly related to the professional work I was a part of at Albany Medical College. I found  that my first class of Introduction to Distance Education to be extremely helpful. For that course I created a faculty orientation site within my schools classroom management tool Sakai.  I ended up using that piece of work to then train faculty members on how to use Sakai. It was a piece of information that was missing from my job and it was a proud moment to create such a useful training piece.

About half through the program, I had some minor frustrations. I am not your typical K-12 educator. This was an area of focus for almost every course that I took. It became challenging to transfer the things I was learning in my course work over to my professional life.  I was inundated with tools that every K-12 teacher or education major was familiar with but they were extremely foreign to me. At times course work was difficult to understand but I am thankful for the friends I made when I visited the DSU campus, and to faculty members who understood the path which I was coming from.

I am currently in my last course for the MSET program. It is actually the course I had been looking forward to since the beginning of my program.  I wish I could have started out with the course in Adult Distance Education.  As now, I am taking the course and many of the items I am learning I would have found so helpful in my workplace.  This course work in Adult Distance Education and my course on Policy in Distance Education are so critical to academic affairs and the coordination of a distance education program.  These courses along with the items learned in Systematic Design of Instruction and Multimedia I & II have set me up to be successful in the area of training adult learners or faculty in the use of various techniques in distance education. I am very happy with the skills that I will walk away from the MSET program with and their ability to combine with the student development theory and event management skills I learned in my M.Ed.

My goals are to remain educated on new technology and to hone my video editing and screen casting skills while trying to obtain new employment on a college campus either in Academic Affairs or back to my world of Student Affairs. I think I have an advantage in both of those areas because now I will be able to incorporate more technology into departments that may not use technology as effectively as they could. Hopefully, these skills will also bridge the use of technology in creating campus community in both distance environments as well as in a campus based environment.